Saturday, March 18, 2017

Small Business Owners: Outsource These Tasks to Succeed and Grow

What lessons can we learn from the great entrepreneurs? Was it just their incredible personalities and individual capacities that propelled them to success? Or is it something to do with the fact that they understood how to leverage the talents of others?

Seasoned entrepreneurs know that if they try to do everything, they’ll crash and burn. There simply isn’t enough time in the day, not to mention the fact that they’re not qualified to carry out half of the tasks that need doing in their business. But despite this, newbies seem to believe that they have to do everything, filling every minute of the day with one task or another. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Here, we’re going to investigate some of the ways that companies can reduce their workload and get experts in to manage certain aspects of their business. The solution is easy, outsource more, do less.

Managing Email

There’s an art to delegation, and it’s something all the top Fortune 500 CEOs do incredibly well. But despite the fact that they delegate nearly everything, they still have a special place in their hearts for their emails. No matter how high up they are in an organization, they feel the need to personally process every piece of correspondence in their inbox, causing them to waste time and money.

The problem for many small business owners is that their inbox is an endless source of frustration, Most emails are just time-wasters, not actually helping CEOs get to where they want to go. The advice from experts is to abandon checking your own emails if you’re at the top of an organization. Getting somebody else to do it can end up saving some CEOs up to half of their working week.

Office Jobs

CEOs and other business leaders seem to think that it’s their responsibility to make sure that all the micro-jobs that need doing around the office get done. Things like cleaning and the odd electrical service take up a lot of time and effort, especially if you try to do them in-house. A much better idea is to get outside companies to come in and do it for you at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. According to Inc, getting somebody to take over the cleaning and the management of the office can save you between three and five hours a week.

Social Media Management

Are you doing your own social media management at the moment? According to some estimates, CEOs are spending up to 10 hours a week generating and curating content and responding to customer issues over social media.

When it comes to managing your social media, there’s plenty you can do to stay on top of it. The first is to use apps that actually control the timing and release of your business’s content over multiple platforms automatically from a single dashboard. The second is to hire somebody to take care of it. And the third is to get an external freelancer to do it for you, often at a fraction of the cost.

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